My new avatar


Project QL Intern
Nov 6, 2003
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Hey everyone!!!

Like you might have noticed, I have a new avatar!!!

I'm extremely pleased and happy about it! Tell me what you think!!!

And, just for fun, try to guess who it is ;) :p

See you soon!!!

Hehe, yes!!!!

It IS me!!!

One of my friends drew this for our J-pop concert (japanese pop...) we did on June 10...

She is extremely talented. I love this drawing... Of course, the larger version inludes the four of us, but was too large to include in the avatar :) I never imagined the day I would see myself drawn as a Manga character, though, LOL!!!

Have a nice day!


P.S. If you wanna see more of her art, you can go on her website at Don't hesitate to buy, I'm sure she'd be happy about it!