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Sep 11, 2010
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I'm surprised no one else has posted this by now. Was I the only one that was aware of Scott's television return? Anyway, for those of you who still watch the original NCIS, airing Tuesday, March 25 and April 1 at 8PM EST will be the 2-parter, "Crescent City," which will serve as the back-door pilot to a potential second spin-off series, NCIS: New Orleans which would premiere on CBS for the 2014 fall season. (They attempted something similar last year on NCIS: Los Angeles with a 2-parter spotlighting a mobile "Red team," but it didn't catch on like they had hoped.) Mark Harmon and Gary Glasberg are the co-writers and co-executive producers for the potential new series, which would star Scott Bakula as Special Agent Dwayne Cassius Pride, Paige Turco (Person of Interest) as his wife Linda, Lucas Black (American Gothic) as Special Agent Christopher Lasalle, Zoe McLellan (JAG) as Special Agent Meredith "Merri" Brody, and CCH Pounder (The Shield) as Dr. Loretta Wade.

"Crescent City" Press Release

Here's another article I googled:

Assuming this is picked up for series, it's pretty much a guarantee that Scott Bakula will have a new regular starring role for the next decade, since it doesn't seem like the NCIS series are going away anytime soon.
I'd heard something about it - saw a link to an interview Scott did - I think maybe with Arsenio Hall. He was talking about the proper way to pronounce New Orleans.
I didn't have any airdate info though. Guess I should have posted what I had and let you guys fill in the rest.
Now I can't even find the link to the interview.
I'm a bad fan. :banghead
Big fan of NCIS, while NCIS:LA is growing on me. I will definitely give this a shot.
You beat everyone else to it, Damon! I was watching part one of the backdoor pilot last night, and yelled out, "It's Scott!" when he came on screen in the prologue. I was expecting it to be a guest stint and a partial QL reunion with CCH Pounder being in it (she played Mama Harper in "Black on White on Fire"), but then some Internet searching told me it's another NCIS spinoff (which is a great thing).

Also, it's been years since I've posted here. I miss you guys!:wavey

... Mike.
I'm terribly excited to see Mr Bakula back on TV, however, and I know this is a dangerous place to bring up any potential criticism of one of the entertainment industry's most charismatic and downright likeable men, but I think he might be terribly miscast in NCIS:NO. Look, I loved JAG, NCIS is, I have to be honest, a much, much better show than JAG was, and NCIS: LA is possibly the worst thing I ever saw, and part of the reason NCIS:LA blows chunks, regurgitates and hurls, is that Mr O'Donnell is bloody awful in the role. I suspect Mr Bakula will struggle to play such a dour, wounded character. He shone briefly in the scenes with Mr Harmon doing the buddy bit, and when he's good.. well, you know. But I just have echoes of Enterprise. I waited the run of that show for him to be half the actor QL fans know he can be and he never did. I felt like he just didn't think the material was good enough (he would not have been wrong). I'd love to see him recurring on NCIS:TOS, but I doubt this NO is going to have the same quality material or chemistry DPB has set up in the original.
But I just have echoes of Enterprise. I waited the run of that show for him to be half the actor QL fans know he can be and he never did. I felt like he just didn't think the material was good enough (he would not have been wrong).
A thoroughly honest explanation for why Enterprise was such a trainwreck can be found in the shockingly candid interviews on the new Blu-Ray releases. They lay everything out on the table of what the producers WANTED Enterprise to be (the first season would take place ON EARTH with everything that led up to launching the ship), and how the Executives forced them to turn it into just another Star Trek show, copying and pasting everything they could from TOS, TNG, DS9, and Voyager.

It would have been a much better show had the producers been allowed to develop the show without network interference. At least in the final season, which some consider one of the finest seasons of any Star Trek show, they got to do a lot of "out there" ideas and take some risks.

It took a while for NCIS:LA to grow on me, but it still does not hold a candle to the original. Can't comment on NCIS:NO as I have yet to see the episode.
Just finished the two part back door pilot and am quite excited for the series. Along with Scott's character Pride, I found the N.O team to be very spirited and likable somewhat like the original NCIS characters we are familiar with.
I must admit that in the first few minutes of the first episode the N.O accent sounded quite awkward on him. Not to say that he didn't do it well, he's always been great with accents as we all know from QL but it paired with his face just...yeah hehe.
But by the end of the second episode it's begun to feel more comfortable and natural.

One thing I must point out is how I enjoyed the hell out of the moment when he flipped that guy right over the hood of the car and the way the move just sorta exploded out of him because he'd just been casually standing there, completely calm and then BAM! My mind shouted "That was such a Sam move!"
That excited the hell out of me to see that there is still some Sam in him!

I think it's great that's he's made a regular role comeback.
Scott certainly deserves a regular role again.

It may be uncouth to talk about salary, but I do think about these things. A two year run on NCIS:LA could easily put $8m in the bank after taxes and would make a very comfortable lifestyle. If you look at Mark Harmon, he makes a heart-stopping $700k per episode.
No one has posted here since the series went on air? Wow.

Well, I really love NCIS: NOLA - I've been a fan of NCIS: DC for seven or eight years now, so I had to give this spinoff a try, same as I did with NCIS: LA couple of years back. Well, what can I say? I fell in love with it in an instant, thanks to Mr. Bakula... And I loved pretty much every episode.
So, anyone else still watching and wanna share thoughts? :)


PS: I stopped watching NCIS:LA pretty soon - way too much focus on action and shooting for my taste.
NCIS:LA is very much a run-and-gun show. It seems each case has less connection to the military and Navy than the last one. When Sam and G are unloading entire clips of semi-automatic weapons in a residential house, I just kind of take it along the lines of Jason Bourne if he had a posse.

NCIS:Nola is pretty cool. There are a couple of characters I'd like to see less of, but the 4 mains (Scott, CCH Pounder, and the two main agents) are fantastic.

Every show takes time to find its feet -- Star Trek TNG's first two seasons were its weakest by far but then it got REALLY good.
NCIS:Nola is pretty cool. There are a couple of characters I'd like to see less of, but the 4 mains (Scott, CCH Pounder, and the two main agents) are fantastic.

I agree. For example, the character of Sebastian needs some better development. I think at first they were going for 'male version of Abby Sciuto' but that got old early on.

The show is definitely getting better as it finds its own groove. The earlier episodes were often reworked storylines from the original (worth sticking with though because of the cast), but the plots are branching out and getting more interesting now. I agree about the 4 leads -- they are excellent, plus they've got good chemistry. CCH Pounder is always terrific and of course I love Scott's work. The two younger leads are very good as well and I love the friendship and banter between them. The entire cast has great chemistry -- even the weaker characters, there's potential for them to improve.

It took me a little while to warm up to NCIS: LA, which as others pointed out is really all about the action and doesn't follow the formula of the original NCIS anymore. I like the majority of the characters, especially Sam (LL Cool J), Kensi (Daniela Ruah) and Hetty (Linda Hunt, who is awesome), so that makes it worth watching. I agree with the person up thread about Chris O'Donnell, and not just because I really don't like O'Donnell generally -- he is not good in this role.