New Avvie and Redone Sig


PQL Security Staff
Jul 11, 2002
Missouri, USA
I've got meself a new avatar ('bout time, eh?). Due to size restrictions, my avvie is much smaller than the original.... Here's the original (which shows a lot more of the gorgeous beauty that is the subject of said avatar):


My sig now has a new quote (from the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest), and credit for the brush used in the avatar (which was made by moi). I also got rid of my previous eggs and am only keeping the current to cut down on graphics in my sig.

So, here's my test thread.

:Love To All:
~ Joy ~

PS: Ah, yes, I have a new way of signing off, inspired by something I read in a Sylvia Browne book about giving love to all mankind... My reason for signing off this way is to give myself a constant reminder to think about how a person should act toward the people s/he loves, and because one is supposed to love everyone, it's a good reminder to myself to treat everyone with respect and think before I post.

PPS: Feel free to ask any questions about my new avatar, and if you actually recognize the person in it, PLEASE let me know! I've been fishing around the 'Net lately trying to find fellow fans....