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Sep 1, 2002
Bedford, England
Article 764:

Date: 11/02/2000
From: BlueGoat

I'm sitting down here on the computer and suddenly my brother runs down and says "That Al guy from that show you like is on Drew Carey! And he's called 'Al' he's some computer guy.." he goes on as I run upstairs at warp speed---unfortunately I only see one last clip of it.

Does anyone else know about this? My bro said he was hinting at QL or something...I'm super mad I missed it!!
I want to at least know what episode of Drew Carey it's on, so I know to watch it next time, but I couldn't find any site that'd tell me about it.

Could someone enlighten me?

~the BlueGoat~

Date: 11/02/2000
From: Finatronics

I'm on the pacific coast, Drew Carey is on at 6 and 7 I believe... Thanks for telling me about it! I'll look for it, and have my VCR on in case you want a copy... (I assume you're talking about UPN, and are from another timezone?)

Hope this helps, feel free to email me (I can't you, since you didn't leave your email address).