Order of episodes


Project QL Intern
Dec 20, 2002
I think this is something that I (and maybe others) as a potential author for SBP may be wondering... do our stories have to be written in chronological order, or can they occur anytime during the years of Starbright? For example, if I were to write the next episode, would it follow from Sue's "One Man's Dream", or could I write one that takes place in 1988? I seem to recall Brian talking about that aspect once...

I suppose one difficulty with that is, some characters may disappear before 1988, and new ones may show up. I think the one I'm thinking about writing could occur at any time, so I would try to fit it in as the third episode.

... Mike. ^_^
Well, the story I'm writing takes place in 1989. And I've been encouraged to finish it ASAP so that it can be aired. So, I'm guessing that it doesn't matter when the story occurs. Of course, with my story, I have no SBP characters 'sides Sam and Al.