Possible QL movie by Deborah Pratt - she needs YOUR opinion!

colter said:
Just read the article where Scott mentions the leap back convention. In it he states that he is ready to get back to a television series. Wouldn't it be awesome if that new series will be a new Quantum Leap. With all kinds of past shows getting remade or updated ie; Knight Rider, Bionic woman etc... I strongly believe that Quantum Leap will definatley be back on the small screen. Here is keeping my fingers crossed.

Just to clarify one point from the article, Scott states, "In a perfect world I'd like to do an old-fashioned three-camera show."

A "three-camera show" is industry speak for a show filmed with a studio audience. Commonly, that's a sitcom.
Well, things are looking good for the end of this writers strike maybe we will get an update from Ms. Pratt on this highly anticipated project.
Im for Jennifer Garner.... OR..... If you really think about it... Mandy Moore Could pull it off....
NeuroMason said:
What ever Happened to the Girl That played her originally??? How old is she now?

Probably around Mandy Moore age.
Anyway,the last time i checked she didn't act for a while,so it seems. Maybe she decided to give up her acting career.
UPDATE on the movie!!

Deborah writes 6/30/08:

I have found a backer for the "Quantum Leap: Time Child" feature film and we are in negotiations for rights. I am also working on a novel version I hope I can debut at the convention.

My second book is coming out and I am doing a sneak peak at Comic Con if any one will be there. Please visit "The Vision Quest" (website) www.thevisionquest.com. I will set up a special LEAPER price when we do the pre order page for Book 2 "The Odyssey" with a 10% discount.
You guys bought your convention tickets yet? ;)
May i ask you to suggest something to Deborah?!
Tell her,that I ,for example, would like to see one of Al's daughter as the observer/Hologram.
Unless she doesn't gonna use the changes of Al's past with Beth as were seen at the end of "Mirror Image",of course...
I honestly have to say that the notion of anyone but Melora Hardin playing Sammy Jo is as ludicrous as getting say, Don Johnson, to play Sam in a future Quantum Leap story.

Forget about stupid "this iz teh cool" ideas with casting- too many franchises out there have being ruined by talentless hacks butchering franchises out of some lust for epic shinyness rather than being commited to faithfully respecting the mythos of the franchise (Michael Bay, and Transformers being the most recent examples of this).

The fact is that having the same actor playing Sammy Jo and Abigail, essentially means that Abigail will wind up being a dead ringer for her mother. This is pretty much established. Having Melora Hardin play someone slightly younger than herself also isn't a stretch. Heck half of the cast of Beverley Hills 90210 were in their late 20s and early 30s playing teenagers and that's just one example of many.

Seriously, with the number of hackjobs out there, do we really need one more 80s franchise having the soul sucked out of it through unfaithful artistic representations?