Qauntum Leap Fan Series In The Making!!!

Al R.

Project QL Intern
Aug 18, 2008
Hey all, today I am happy to confirm to al Quantum leap fans that I am making a series! Of course it won't have the usual Sam Beckett and Al Callavichi, instead there are two young teen age boys both called Sam and Al- there willin the future be a reason why the names are the Sam but for now lets concentrate on the start of it all.

Series one has been planned and the first 3 episodes out of 9 have been written. Episode one is due in 2008 with the rest of the series following in 2009. The creators are Whoniversal Productions and Rocket laser Productions. We are two ameture film makers who are intent on making this series the most best of our projects. Locations will include a church, a club, a great big house and even a hospital.

Here is a small episode guide for the upcoming series:

1. The new leap
2. leap to leap
3. against my religion
4. TBA
5. TBA
6. "Doctor Doctor!"
7. man, I feel like a woman
8. TBA (part one)
9. TBA (part two)

the few that arn't filled in will be announced when episode 2 is released. This series starts off very different from the orgianal but ends up in episode two being very simular.

I hope you enjoy the upcoming series. To see the series watch it on the you tube chanal AllanRafferty. The video's on there look cheap but i assure you the series will be worth the wait.
I play Al and yes, Crazy outfits, crazy fr the girls and even an artificial cigar! :D Although Episode one is not at all with a crazy outfit and has started the series in a bad way. I'm not too chuved but i promise after episode one the rest will be like quantum leap :D
Sounds wonderful. I'm not really to familiar with YouTube... Do you have a link or such that I could get to that from this thread?

Thank you.
Right then, i havn wrot here in ages but now im back and id like to say that episode 1 of the series has been altered and is looking very good, filming has begun on the first episode and im happy to confirm that each episode shoul be around 2 minutes long, also there is soon to be a clip from episode one uploaded which i shall link here as soon as its up
A few weeks ago, I actually checked on your forum website, because I remembered it and wanted to see if you still were going through with your series. It's great to see that you are, and I hope that production goes well for the first episode.
:roflmao: I love Al's outfit!

Anyways, great video! I'm looking forward to seeing the completed episodes. That exchange seemed like something right out of Quantum Leap. :)
thnx very much =] there has been a lot of planning for this series and we have spent a lot of money on a budget scale we dnt usually work on but hey its been worth it, thnx agen =]
It was so much fun to watch! Awesome, thanks!
You know, this would look ever better with tighter shots. :)
It was so much fun to watch! Awesome, thanks!
You know, this would look ever better with tighter shots. :)

Thanks, we'll bear that in mind when we make the rest =]

and to everyone else, thanks so much for being so kind about it, we are going to soon get episode one done and then work on episode two and writing is still to be complete =]