Quantum Leap Wedding!


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Sep 11, 2010
Auburndale, FL
Hello all, it's been quite a while since I've posted actively on this forum. The "old-timers" need no introduction from me, but for the newer members who have joined over the past several years, I'm Dman176 (a.k.a. Damon). I've contributed to this site over the years, namely in the form of several "episodes" for The Virtual Seasons toward the end (or indefinite hiatus). As many of you may know, I used to be a very active member and writer in this community (even a moderator at one point) until real life threw me a number of rough fights over the past decade. (I suffer from Bipolar II Disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder, was hospitalized for a time, and other numerous family/personal issues which I won't go into.) Suffice it to say, I kind of drifted away but have always checked in from time to time just to see if any further QL news surfaced or what people were discussing.

Anyway, the main point of this post is to share some exciting personal news! After 40 years as a confirmed bachelor, I am finally getting MARRIED! :dreaming Those of you who are friends with me on FaceBook may already be following my journey. But what makes this wedding so special in particular is that we are doing something somewhat unique: my fiancée Amada and I are legally getting married this coming Monday, February 29... LEAP DAY!!! And yes, the reason why we chose that day is because we are both huge Quantum Leap fans (which is one of the main reasons that brought us closer together). What will make this even more interesting is, because Leap Day this year is on a Monday, it became a little difficult to get a lot of our family and close friends together to celebrate. So, we're having the main ceremony 8 months from now on October 29 (a Saturday). In a sense, we will be getting married twice and the theme of the wedding is time-travel with the main focus being on Quantum Leap. We will be inviting guests to "leap forward in time" with us and come dressed in different eras throughout our lifetimes. The room itself will be lit up in bright blues with a huge dome-like chandelier in the center of the room that kind of looks like Ziggy. We're looking forward to giving everyone an experience they'll never forget.

I've been meaning to share this QL wedding info for a while now, but it has understandably been a hectic time for me. But I thought many of you might appreciate our theme. My bride-to-be has even created a website (mostly finished but still a work-in-progress), which can be found here:


We've thought up a few details already: down to the groomsmen wearing light-up neon stars on their lapels (like Al wore) to the bridesmaids wearing light-up bracelets around their wrists, balls of string as wedding favors, and of course having the DJ play music from many different eras.

At any rate, I will be trying to make my gradual return to Al's Place when I get some down-time, mainly to check in and share more details if anyone's interested. Until next time, my friends!
Congratulations Damon!

You make a lovely couple.

Wishing you all the best for the weddings and for your future happiness together. What a cool idea.

:cheers:cheers:cheers A toast to the bride and groom.
I'll be with you in spirit.
Thank you, Helen!

And here's the even cooler part. A reporter from our local cable news station NY1 interviewed us before and after the ceremony asking about why we chose February 29 as our wedding date, and the segment aired! The two of us have actually been on TV a couple of times already, but this time we got to throw in the nod to Quantum Leap. Check it out:


And even cooler than that... Amada has corresponded with Deborah Pratt a couple of times about the "Quantum Leap Wedding," and she e-mailed the story to Deborah who personally responded today. So, there is now an official acknowledgment and blessing from someone who was responsible for bringing our favorite show to life every week! (And I just knew that if there was any chance that we would personally hear from someone from QL, it would have been from Deborah. She seems cool like that!)

Anyway, we're both pretty blown away by this! Of all the couples who got married yesterday, the reporter picked us. Amada somehow attracts that from the universe. I thought that this is definitely something that needed to be shared with the QL community! Until next time! :D
I've seen your wedding pictures on Facebook, Damon, and I must say that you and Amada make a lovely couple. May you and your lovely wife be blessed with many, many happy years together!