Scott Bakula Confirmed For Season 2!!!

Lightning McQueenie

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Dec 8, 2005
It's official, Scott Bakula will appear as Sam Beckett at some point during Season 2!

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Surprise surprise link doesn't work and a great April fools joke!
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I read the page and i remember seeing that page years ago when QL was being pitched for a revival lol.

I don't even know if Scott Bakula is interested in returning, he's in silent mode .....which could be an indication in itself ......but the producers of the show look like they have moved away from the original premise of.

Set 30 years after Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished, follows a new team that must restart the project hoping to understand the mysteries behind the machine and its creator.

They seem to want to stand on their own feet with the show and name drop Sam every few episodes to pull in the original viewers.

I hope Sam returns.
At this point they’ve done just fine without him. I still would love to see him back as part of the project side, but I almost feel like he’d either be underutilized or redundant to everyone else on the team. I can only really see him functioning as an advisor to both Ian and Addison, which would include acting as the Observer from time to time.

From a real world perspective having Sam come back would free Ernie Hudson up for the new Ghostbusters if necessary.
Sam not Ben

So instead of Ben returning home at the end of killing leaper x you think it could be sam leaping in?