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Newest Trek News/Bakula

Date: 04/18/2001
From: alongtimefan

Everyone probably saw this article listed on the Sci-Fi.Com webpage but just in case. See below referernce to Bakula. No matter what happens, good publicity for Quantum Leap!

Updated 2:36pm ET on 18-April-2001
12:00pm ET, 18-April-01

Trek V Having Cast Problems?

The TrekWeb fan Web site reported rumors that Paramount is having trouble casting the female lead of its upcoming fifth Star Trek series. The site reported that the role is T'Pau, a female Vulcan.

The site also reported that an amended casting sheet described the character as "a beautiful, sensual science officer assigned to oversee humanity's progress on board [the new starship] Enterprise. She has great dignity, confidence and strength--she is never timid. Being a true Vulcan she considers humans primitive and irrational, but she develops a respect for Capt. Archer and becomes one of his most loyal and trusted crew members."

Over the last couple of weeks, sources have told TrekWeb that Marjorie Monaghan (Babylon 5) was in the running for the role.

Meanwhile, the TrekToday Web site reported that Scott Bakula has not formally accepted the series' lead role of Capt. Jackson Archer. Citing anonymous sources, the site reported that Bakula (Quantum Leap) is still negotiating for the role in talks that have been going on for close to a month.

Selfish reasoning

Date: 04/19/2001
From: Becketts_babe

Hey alongtimefan,

I am closely keeping my eye on the news regarding Scott and the Star Trek role, I feel really selfish feeling the way I do as I know the role would be wonderful for Scott but I aint sure I want him to do Star Trek because if he is under contract to do Star Trek for a number of years surely that can only hamper the progress of attempting to get Quantum Leap back.
It would be good for him, I know this but I would rather he stepped back into Sam's shoes than resurrected an ailing Starship Enterprise.
Whatever he does though I hope it works out well for him but I hope he doesn't forget those of us that desperately want him to come back to us as Sam.

I know...

Date: 04/19/2001
From: bigQLfan

I love watching Scott in amything. He is so talented and Hollywood does let he show it. So on the one hand I hope he gets the part as he new captian. It could be really good for his career. Then again it could hinder the revial. It's not hopeless though. Say he does get the part I sure if they did a QL movie he could do that. A lot of actors do TV and movies at the same time. I read articles with Scott and loved playing Sam, who wouldn't. That kind of role is an actors dream come true! I don;t think he'll forget about QL and it's fans.
P.S>. I wonder, since they are having a hard time cast the lead women if they would do open calls. I'm there if they do! To work with Scott, now that's this actresses dream!

What does this mean?

Date: 04/19/2001
From: Vanished88

Does anybody know if there is a cutoff date for these negotiations? And what are they negotiating about(besides salary)? Maybe Scott is telling them he needs to have time available to make a QL movie!! When is this show supposed to start filming and/or air? I can't stand the waiting! As Tom Petty says "The wa-ai-ting is the har-dest part"

Vanished, the cut off date is...

Date: 04/19/2001
From: Donna_Alessi

Vanished, the cut off date is at least May 8, that's when they start shooting the series (or at least I think. It is sometime in May though). Also, I know waiting IS the hardest part, it's killing me too, but I just keep telling myself 'Patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue.'

We want Quantum, but Trek could help us

Date: 04/19/2001
From: alongtimefan

Obviously, we all want Scott in Quantum...Not in Trek. But, Trek could be a big publicity booster for Quantum Leap. In any event, it's bringing attention to Quantum now.

Who knows? If Scott gets Trek...Quantum could get enough attention to get a Quantum movie made.

Keep the Leap Alive!

Thanks Donna!

Date: 04/20/2001
From: Vanished88

At least there's some end in sight! I also just read today that the series is slated for the fall season on UPN. So, they must have to make a decision soon in order to start filming. Thanks again for the encouragement!