The Burger Theory

Lightning McQueenie

Project QL Intern
Dec 8, 2005
Albie, the original host of the Quantum Leap Podcast, came up with a theory that every episode of Quantum Leap is somehow linked to the episode that came before it. He called it "The Burger Theory", as the first link he found was that Genesis had a Doctor Burger, while a burger was prominent in Star Crossed - the burger seemed to have significance since Donna seemed to know how Sam liked his burger cooked.

So I thought in this thread we could try to complete the Burger Theory.

Genesis -> Star Crossed: the Burger link.

Star Crossed -> The Right Hand of God: In Star Crossed Sam caused the Watergate scandal, and in The Right Hand of God there is a news broadcast at the bar about Nixon being investigated for his role in the Watergate scandal.
The Right Hand of God -> How the Tess was Won: Gambling and cheating are major themes km The Right Hand of God, and in How the Tess was Won, they gamble during a poker game and someone also cheats during the game.