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{I know I said I wasn't gonna get into the revival posts, but as this has words from Scott, I thought it was worth preserving}

Bakula On-Line Chat

Date: 01/28/2001
From: alongtimefan

I've been meaning to post this this Scott Bakula interview. It's very interesting. It was an on-line interactive chat with Scott Bakula from 2/00. I wish I could catch these chats as they happen. If anyone hears of one, please post on BBoard so we can participate.

FYI...(Mici) is the person asking Scott the question.
on-line chat transcript:

{Mici}: Many have asked "Will Quantum Leap Return?"

{Scott Bakula}: I wish I knew the answer to that question ... probably the most asked question of me ...
you never know.

{Mici}: Is there any truth to the rumor that there will be a Quantum Leap movie?

{Scott Bakula}: It is a truthful rumor but there is no truth to it ... we don't know ...we still remain willing and able, but the phone hasn't rung.

(Mici): Approximately how many scripts are presented to you in a given month, and how do you choose the projects you do?

{Scott Bakula}: Well, there is a script flow that comes into my company, about 50 to 100 scripts per month ...
I will see a small portion of those and then I will get anywhere from 10 - 20 scripts submitted through my agents for acting roles. That doesn't include books, original musicals, treatments, pitches and the odd 20/20 or 60 Minutes stories. I almost always start with the script and the writing ...and then the character. If I am not going to be in the movie, the characters ...and then you have to consider if it is something you think you can sell.

{Scott Bakula}: There are lots of great ideas that no one will make in this town the Quantum Leap movie.

end chat notes

This BBoard WILL change the "no one will make in this town..."
Because, by now, surely every person on the BBoard cares enough about Quantum Leap....without exception....whether they post or just have written to Bellisario, Universal, and Sony to get Quantum Leap back.
And, gotten their mother, brother, and dog to write, too.
See post 1096 for names/address/letter content.
We can change the minds of the Studio Nozzles (who are those guys, anyway?).
Article 1364:
The Future of Quantum Leap

Date: 02/22/2001
From: tina_als_girl

Bill has been quoting the "Quantum Leap Book" by Louis Chunovic, and I figured that perhaps I would let you guys read the "informative 'essay'" I wrote for my main QL website (not the Revival site) about the last page of that book. So, here it goes...


It has been over *seven years* since QL's final episode aired. And fans have been struggling to "keep the Leap alive." Letter writing crusades have been organized, conventions have been a big hit, and fans write thousands of fan fiction stories, trying to expand on the QL universe. There have been novels and comic books, and cable channels, such as Sci-Fi and USA, have been re-running episodes.

I just finished reading "The Quantum Leap Book" by Louis Chunovic. The very last page features a small article about the future of Quantum Leap. It starts out by talking about the famous "baby" plotline, and how the producers were trying to come up with a plausible story. Now, please note that this book was written right before production began on the fifth season.

The next thing that is spoken about is "Issue" stories, about such things as child abuse, homelessness, and the enviroment. Another story, which was "actually on the boards", was an episode that would be almost completely animated. (I'd have liked to have seen that one!)

The article then goes on to say that "the series' creators {were} now thinking in far grander terms." Then it outlines a TV series' life cycle: the network run, and then syndication.

The following is an excerpt from the article: "In the past, syndication was known as the 'after-market'... {However} as 'independent' (that is, non-network-affiliated) stations proliferated around the country, as cable channels grew and grew... a small, but growing number of television series blazed a new trail, creating new episodes *after* their network runs were completed. These new episodes air in what has become known as 'first-run syndication'."

They then list examples of "first-run syndication", such as "Baywatch", "Star Trek", and "Fame". The article points out an element that QL has/had in common with those shows: they are/were "cult" hits.

Another excerpt says: "That same audience profile makes them naturals for first-run syndication--or even movies."

Yeah, we wish.

Now, here's what Deborah Pratt, a co-executive producer of the show, had to say about QL's future: "'We're talking about an animated series for the kids, and having, perhaps, Sam's son {what happened to Sammy Jo?} go on a quest to find his father, and Al's daughter {which one?} might be there to help him.

"'You can do that, you can do a movie, you can do [videos]. We've gotten a lot of requests from people who want to buy the shows on tape.

"'First-run syndication, sure. All those conversations are in play.'"

Well, they must have chosen a different game to play, because I know that *I* haven't seen any movie, animated series, or first-run syndication. What happened, people?! Are we just going to let this pass, or are we going to *do* something about it?!

Let's let them know that we want Quantum Leap back!!!


I agree with Bill... if there is *any* way you can get your hands on that book, it is definitely worth it. You don't even have to buy it... Just go down to your local library and see if they have it. That's what I did...

In fact, I already had a card from Mid-Continent Public Libraries, but the branches where I live don't have a very good selection of QL stuff... So, I went and signed up at the Kansas City Public Library just so I could find more QL stuff to read!!!

That's how I got a hold of the "Quantum Leap Book"... and how I was able to read some more of the novels.

So, keep writing those letters to Universal and Sony, and...

Keep the Leap!!!

Joy C.