The Marc B. Lee Bowling Adventure!!

Marc, around what time will you be at the Bowling Alley? Can people meet you guys there? I've had an "interesting" few months lately, so I only found out about your "day out" when it was too late!
Nah. That's just for one evening, and you'd have to haul that stuff all over the place. Save the weight for the good stuff - like all the goodies you'll be buying in the dealer's room. ;-)
I should be able to get myself there. I got myself to South Dakota, after that getting to the bowling alley should be easy!

By the way - it is freezing here (actually below freezing) and I managed to get the car bogged in the snow. Good thing someone lived close by to tow me out. Looking forward to the sunshine of LA.
Good that we can come to the Alley! Around what time? I don't need an EXACT time, just "6-ish", "after 7", "no earlier than 8 pm" or something like that. 'cause "evening" can mean a lot of "times"!
MC colors are Motorcycle Club colors or patches.

Plain white t-shirts are worn by some gangs, along with different colored or styled pants. It's their way of getting around the "gang color" stigma.
Oh wow, that's interesting! Then I definitely don't want to wear a plain white tee! :-D

BTW... is anyone going there and back to the con hotel and could maybe give me a ride? I was thinking about going by foot or by public transport, but didn't realize it was so far from the hotel!
I am also interested to go to the bowling adventure. But it depends at what time we should be at the center. How long does it take from the hotel. If this is ok. I will come and I can provide transportation. I think 3 of course 4 may be. It depends what rental car I receive. I would start at the con hotel.

For a special person I hope they don´t have german beer.:heybaby
JulieB, only 15 mins? That's cool then! :-D Not sure where I'll go before the Bowling, so I might not need it to get there, but it's good to know for when I have to go back. And I hope there'll be someone else returning at the hotel with me, as 15 mins can be boring! :) (At cons I "develop" con-ADHD! ;-) )
I think that's all. I've lost the paper I printed out with the bus route. When I do it again I'll post a link so you can all see which bus to take and where to find the stops. I think the fare is $1.25.
It's bus route 156, and you can catch the southbound bus less than a block away from the hotel at the NW corner of Vineland and Aqua Vista. The sign on the front of the bus will say S. MONICA-HIGHLAND. It'll get to Highland and Hawthorn, which is just a block south of Hollywood Blvd. close to the lanes, in 10-17 minutes depending on the time of day.

Fare is $1.25.

This link should get you to the timetable.

For those wishing to visit Dean Stockwell's star, take the same bus to the same stop. Continue west (left) on Hollywood Blvd. to the Roosevelt Hotel. It's just a couple of blocks.

The Chinese Theatre is across the street in the general area.

So even if you don't join in on the bowling, this is one of those "must see" spots in Hollywood.

Oh, yes, and that stop is one of the best places to shoot the Hollywood sign!
Hey Marc,

I am sure I speak on behalf of all who tagged along on your tour of LA


I had a great time and it was so good to make friends with people before the con.

Bowling was a blast and apart from yourself, Ed and Lee and families are the nicest people. Can't believe I only bowled 89!

Thanks again Marc and good luck emceeing this weekend.

Marissa, you're quite welcome! I had a blast! Thanks to Marc for setting all this up!

Oh, and driving in L.A. was so easy! I drove in four rush hours, and had no problems manouvering traffic in any of them.
THE BOWLING CREW w/ actors Lee Arenberg (POTC) and Ed Wasser (B5)