The Marc B. Lee Bowling Adventure!!

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Sep 13, 2007
Orlando, Florida

Suggested Dates: March 24th, 25th or 26th, 2009

I've bowled at this location many times. It is incredibly awesome!! I'd like to have a few people join me for an evening of food, loud music and bowling at this place after we've done the "tourist thing" along Hollywood. It's connected to THE KODAK CENTER where the Oscars are held in downtown Hollywood. You can visit the website here. Click on LOCATIONS, find California and then Hollywood and go exploring on the site!

This is a preliminary plan and may fall thru all together but what the heck!! If you are interested, please add your name to the list so I can contact the lanes for a reservation. I can take a carload around Beverly Hills, Bel Air (I can't believe I'm doing this :hmm) and a few other sites if you'd like.

Included on this adventure is your MARC B. LEE BOWLING ADVENTURE membership card, a party hat and instructions on how to perform the secret handshake.

1. Marc


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I can't make it Stateside for the con, but if you are ever in my part of England, Marc, I'll go bowling with you in Milton Keynes!
:hurray: :hurray: :hurray:

Oh, Milton Keynes hosts 'Collectormania' so you may get to find some of your sci fi buddies in the vicinity if you come when one is on.

It was at one of these events that I was lucky enough to meet Dean Stockwell..
Count me in too!

I recently bowled again for the first time in years at my nephew's Birthday party. I did really bad....but it was fun!!!!

I think could do better now that I remember the basics. Seriously... ;)

Also I want to do the Hollywood tourist thing. ! I have been there before so was was not planning on any theme parks again. But there is a lot of free sightseeing to do. The Chinese Theater, the Walk of Fame, etc.

Umm...then 'bout we fill in the list dude. OK. I know you're form Wisconsin and all but I would dare not call you a cheesehead unless I thought you actually were one know.

Sheesh! :banghead

I had to leave for work shortly after I read this. I misunderstood your post completely the first time .I thought by "filling in the list" you wanted more tourist suggestions. Not filling out the bowlers list....

Sorry...We have subzero temperatures right now...maybe my brain is frozen....

This sounds like fun! Count me in, too!

Maybe this time, I'll bowl better than last time. Last time, I was in a lane next to a guy who was bowling a perfect game. I was not bowling a perfect game. One ball I rolled went across my lane, into my left gutter, out of my left gutter, into Perfect Guy's lane, across Perfect Guy's lane, into Perfect Guy's left gutter, and down the hole at the end of Perfect Guy's lane. Perfect Guy was not amused. I got an extra roll.
I've never heard of a dress code at a bowling alley! Those CA people must do things differently than we do here...

Dress Code Enforced After 7pm

Dress Code Strictly Enforced
The following are not permitted:

- Athletic wear, sweats or sports jerseys
- MC colors
- Excessively baggy clothing (Tuck-ins are not permitted)
- Sleeveless T-shirts
- Plain white T-shirts (short or long sleeve)
- Construction boots
- Headgear
- Chains
- Ripped or soiled clothing

The LA Live! Dress Code has the following amendment
- No Plain White Sneakers

What the heck are "MC colors"? :alien
PS, I also vote for Thursday for the bowling and sightseeing. We should be checking into our hotel on Thursday. That's the plan, anyway. Unless I'm still high from smoking peace pipes in the desert...
Chicken Boo: MC colors are motorcycle club colors. This bowling alley is really a "club" as well in the since that they play dj music and has a flair for Hollywood in terms of celebs and locals both playing there. It's a high tech place with a very cool atmosphere.
Chicken Boo: MC colors are motorcycle club colors. This bowling alley is really a "club" as well in the since that they play dj music and has a flair for Hollywood in terms of celebs and locals both playing there. It's a high tech place with a very cool atmosphere.
Cool, sounds fun!

Will the music be really loud? Will it be as loud as, say, a Buffalo Wild Wings or Hooters? Also, will it be smoky inside?

(Loud, incessant noise gives my husband headaches, and smoke gives me headaches and difficulty breathing.)
I believe there is no smoking in any bars in California.

This sounds very fun, looks like a really cool place, what is the cost?

Brad & Zoe
This sounds great!!!!

I arrive on the afternoon of the 25th. Can we PLEASe make it the 26th?

I would love to come and be greeted by some friendly faces:) I'm flying in from Down Under! (melbourne Australis!)

Luv JO

So Can I assume that we'll be taking a tour of the city during the day on Thursday the 26th, then hitting the lanes in the later evening?

What a stupendous way to begin my vacation! Can't wait:):)
Sounds like a plan. Glad I could help.

Wow Marc, you really are a Mensch!!! :)

What a way to be welcomed... Can't wait!!! Do keep up posted.

Maybe we should all post our email addresses here and keep tabs?

How early do you think we'll be starting?

I arrive on the 25th. I'v booked to stay at the hotel on the convention for the 3 nights its on. I better call and see if I can stay there for the 2 nights prior aswell. That should be ok, do you think? I sure hope so :(