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Quantum Leap Podcast

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Hello, I'm Albie. My wife Heather and I have a Quantum Leap Podcast which can be found at .

We just released our ninth episode where we talk about Honeymoon Express and we also have an interview with Holy Fields who played Jill in Camikazi Kid. We put out about two shows a month and it is our goal to do the entire series one episode at a time, for the most part, I think for two parters and trilogies we might just do super size shows. Hayden McQueenie suggested we should post here on our Facebook page. I am a long time fan of Quantum Leap and Heather is a first time viewer so those people new to Quantum Leap can follow along with us and not get spoiled. It is my hopes that everyone will give us a listen, and if possible be a part of the Quantum Leap Podcast community and send feedback, and maybe some of you participate in the show some how.

Right now we have an essay contest giveaway where we are giving away at least 6 more Quantum Leap comic books and there is also a grand prize of Rare Limited Edition QUANTUM LEAP Art Portfolio BY C. Winston Taylor We also have in our eighth show an interview with Claudia Cristian, Alison from Play It Again, Seymour (and of course Babylon 5) we can also be found on iTunes here :) So let us know what you think. I hope to be an active part of this forum, I am new so please excuse any faux pas.
P.S. Does anyone know how to get our podcast listed in the links section of Al's Place?
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Hi Albie, thanks for taking my advice and joining. You and Heather should feel free to join our discussions (though please note that there may be spoilers in them).

I think our admin "Alsplacebartender" will have to add the link.
Hi Brian, I'm afraid I can't find the link you mentioned. It's not in "Leaping Links" (even though there's a section for podcasts) and I can't see it on the main page either...

A podcast eh.........sounds interesting.....perhaps a RodCast......

By all means Rod, send Albie and Heather a message with your numerous thoughts, they'll love it. You can send them a phone message, email them, or post to their Facebook page, or even be a twit and send them a tweet :p