The 'What Leaps'? Debate


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Sep 1, 2002
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Something to think about

Date: 01/24/2001
From: Luckleaper

I was thinking during an episode the other day, and I ended up confusing myself so I thought I could get some input from some of you guys. The basic understanding is, Sam's body leaps, and the other person's aura surrounds him right. Now if this is true it brings up an interesting question. If Sam were to get injured on one of his leaps, wouldn't he be injured in the next as well. For example, at the end of "Black on White on Fire" Sam was all bloody and beat up. Now, i don't remember well, but he was fine in the next leap. He should have still been bruised up, shouldn't he??? Could someone help me out here? Thanks and Keep the Faith!

What I Think

Date: 01/24/2001
From: tina_als_girl

I go by Ashley McConnell's "soul" theory. However, as I am finally being able to see episodes of QL, I am a bit confused myself.

I believe that there is no such thing as a "physical aura." People ask why Sam's clothes fit him... It's very simple. We viewers are seeing Sam, for the benefit of having one actor throughout the whole series. If the show were real and we were looking at Sam, we would see the body of the person he Leaped into. The clothes don't have a "physical" aura, so they would not fit Sam. In this case, it means that the clothes would only fit the body of the person Sam has Leaped into.

There are several inconsistencies in the show, but more times than not, the show proves that Sam's *soul* Leaps. Sure, he walked when he was in a guy with no legs (or one leg... don't know, haven't seen it yet), he swam when he was a chimp (and chimps can't swim), and other things.

Anyways, I can't seem to get into words exactly what I think about the whole "soul" and "body" thing. Maybe I'll post some more on the subject later when I have collected my thoughts a bit more.

Joy C.

Well, my thoughts....

Date: 01/24/2001
From: goodolemr

Well, Sammy Joe was the genetic child of Sam, during the Trilogy Leaps. So, its clear that Sam?s body is leaping.

I did wonder about his injuries though, with the two most resent episodes. Why weren?t the bruises from the shock treatment there in the Leap Back. I also seem to remember an episode where Sam got shot. My best thoughts on the matter are as follows? I think there must be a ?cleansing? of Sam?s body between each leap by ?God-Time-Fate-Whoever?. Simple explanation that doesn?t go against anything in the series? sounds good to me.

I do wish, if QL did ever come back, that they?d take a stand and forget about this wishy-washy ?God-Time-Fate-Whoever? stuff and take a stand and say, ?Yes, God is the one leaping him around time!?

...and the body of the real person...

Date: 01/25/2001
From: Lemur3

Let me try to string together some logical arguments here.

Somehow the physical aspects of whoever Sam is in are connected to the actual place/time/person. Sam may or may not use his real body, I don't know. When Sam gets injured in a leap he is better in the next one. The injuries stay with the person after he leaves them, because otherwise the time continuum wouldn't make sense. Sam makes changes during his leaps that affect people's actions and life paths, but also their physical state.

Whew, this is hard to explain, but this is the best I've come up with so far. Each episode leads to tiny revisions in our theories as we catch more subtle clues. It's part of the fun of watching.


between leaps

Date: 01/25/2001
From: alongtimefan

Sam is in his real body as he leaps.

I always wondered about his time between leaps. Were did he go? What did he do? Was he conscious of what transpired? We know that he was between leaps for as long as 6 days. What went on and what was Sam doing in those 6days?

I hope WHEN Quantum Leap comes back, Bellisario throws some light on the time between leaps. I really want to know.

I think GTF causes Sam to recover and heal if necessary between leaps...Just my opinion. Don't know what else might go on.

Thanks Guys/Lemur

Date: 01/26/2001
From: Luckleaper

Thanks, believe it or not you guys did clear up some things for me. Lemur3, I think I have to agree with you in the fact that it would screw up the time continium. I agree the fact that the person who leaps back in aquires the injurys, Thanks guys. Keep the Faith!!!