What's in a name?


PQL Security Staff
Staff member
Sep 1, 2002
Bedford, England
Okay, I'm into the silly season.
Guess it is hysteria in reaction to the school network going kablooee yesterday, but I am seeing strange things in the simplest of phrases.
Reaching for a much needed cup of coffee, I noticed that the mug I got free from the local computer maintenance company says "Bedfordshire Users Support Group" and I'm thinking it sounds like a drugs rehab thing.
Then I come home tonight and realise for the first time (after only a couple of weeks, quick ain't I?) that I am listed on this group as a moderator (by virtue of my humble efforts on transferring the sci-fi board postings) instead of as a Registered User, and I'm thinking "This drugs thing is getting everywhere!" LOL
Is somebody trying to tell me something???