Which one to read first?


Hopeful Maker of Art out of Daydream Dust
Oct 15, 2008
Which one would be a good novel to start with if I haven't read any of them yet?

:roflmao:sounds very reasonable :):lol

Didn't realize they were written in order.
Thankies :)
I've never actually read the books, so I would have no idea what order they are in, nor do I have a favorite. I think that was an example of a joke that backfired. The best bet would be to listen to someone who actually read the books.
I've read a number of them, and I didn't realize they had an order. So I've probably read them wildly out of order, and I haven't felt like I missed something. You might want to save "Mirror's Edge" for last because it is slightly related to "Mirror Image." The books aren't numbered, but the order is probably available on this site, if I know our bartender.
Thanks Snish! Shall keep it for last-ish.

Ah I actually found you more insightful than funny, ohboy ;) . I thought it kinda made sense :))