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Originally Posted by jg1981 View Post
I thought it was extremely cheesy when Al did that prayer.

And why didn't that train just hit the brakes? It was the most slow train I've seen in all my life!

Definitely a let down after the brilliant Leap Home episodes.
Hi jg1981, I do agree that the prayer was cheesy, but it was the sentiment behind the prayer which made it bearable and meaningful for me. Al was someone who wanted nothing to do with God, but cared more about his friend's wellbeing than his own hangups.

It's funny you mention that about the train - Tommy Thompson (the writer of the episode) told us in his interview for the Quantum Leap Podcast that for safety reasons they were not allowed to have the train go over 5mph while shooting. They had to do their best with the editing to make it look dangerous. It wasn't perfect but they did a pretty good job doing so
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