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Thanks for answering my question, isz. I thought maybe I had missed something in the billion times I've watched the episode, but it's just a matter of personal taste. I completely bought into Sadie's fragile mind from the time she first appeared on the balcony. I knew Lilah was lying when she confessed, but didn't put the pieces together before Sadie's testimony about picking up the gun, and then all the secrecy made sense to me.

The courtroom scene does remind me of Trilogy, although the payoff is different, but I think SHMG's is done so much better. There are three courtroom scenes in QL, and this one is the only one I like. The other two (Raped and Trilogy) require way too much suspension of disbelief for a trial attorney. But, believe it or not, every bit of the courtroom scene in SHMG is authentic, or close to it, right down to the federal court order. And the languid way Sadie speaks, her faraway look, her evident craziness, and the sopping ever-present heat, really work for me in that scene.

But, I get where you're coming from, isz, although I see it differently.

I've never done a survey of writers to episodes, so I don't know if there's a pattern to my least/most favorite episodes.
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