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I just watched this episode and a couple of things jumped out at me. First of all, it seems like really bad aim for Sam to leap to right before he has to enter a plea. But was it really? From the scenarios Al had Ziggy run, it never occurred to them that he might be there to prove her innocence (because all the records showed she was guilty). So if he'd leapt any earlier, they probably would have told him to do something completely different. If they did, I wonder what it would have been?

Also, with Sadie clearly not in her right mind, it makes me wonder why they would allow her testimony to be admitted into the record. Obviously it brings up enough reasonable doubt, and with Myrtle now willing to talk, she could have backed up everything Sadie said (at least about the fight), but it makes me wonder why she wasn't labelled "non-compos-mentos"?
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