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Wow, I have no idea why I've not watched this episode more. There are only a few small beefs I had with it.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
First of all, it seems like really bad aim for Sam to leap to right before he has to enter a plea. But was it really? From the scenarios Al had Ziggy run, it never occurred to them that he might be there to prove her innocence (because all the records showed she was guilty). So if he'd leapt any earlier, they probably would have told him to do something completely different. If they did, I wonder what it would have been?
It was in fact an inappropriate moment for his arrival. He'd made the leapee look unprofessional on the job, like a high school kid who'd been called on after having fallen asleep in class:
"Uh can you repeat the question?"
However this doesn't mean that it wasn't the right moment. As you said, proving Delilah innocent wasn't in the odds because of that signed confession. Let's say he arrived prior enough to learn more about her relationship with the Cotter family before he met her, that the victim had raped her. Rape is a perfectly logical motive for murder. Thus perhaps the confession would have made sense to him. And either way no doubt Al would have been there in time to stop him from pleading her not guilty because the records show otherwise. Although Sam is known for following his feelings over Ziggy there are ways in which either those innocent eyes could have come in too late or been erased from the picture completely. So I believe he arrived at the necessary moment to change the direction of the events so that they followed the right path. Same thing with the episode Raped. See my review there, as I explain how this concept applies that episode.

Sadie could have used one or two more scenes before her testimony which showed how unstable she was. That would have sold it a bit more but the performance was amazing. Her voice was beautifully distant and dream like, it reminded me of Laura Fuller in the Trilogy episodes. Though I'd actually forgotten how she had no idea Delilah was on trial for murder but thought it was about stolen money.

As for why she wasn't declared non compos mentus (Lightning McQueenie), I'm unsure anyone really knew until that point that she was unstable unless she'd made other comments to folks about Huston being due home from hunting. We know Sam didn't realize it, he out her on the stand expecting a witness statement not a confession to the murder.
Though this angle is unclear and thus in conclusive.
What probably happened was that the housekeeper confirmed the story. Since Sam helped her feel ok swearing on a Bible she might have agreed to take the stand.

By the way to Lightning McQueenie in reference to a discussion we had about there being a small hint that she could see Sam, she never said old. The line was:
"You're looking a might haggard."
The word 'haggard' has no connection to age so it's unlikely to have been used in that context. It's probable she could see him since she was mentally unstable but it's inconclusive because it's clear that unlike Laura Fuller who would point out that Sam wasn't the leapee, Sadie was unaware of that fact. She'd addressed him as Leonard and spoke of remembering him as a classmate of her son's. So the haggard comment was not aimed at a deciphering between Sam and Leonard.

Poor Sam. He would be haggard though considering how effected he'd been by this leap, something else I'd forgotten. I'd thought Justice in season 4 was the first time black segregation had made him sick to his stomach but it had happened in this episode as well. His anger towards the N word and any slanderous comments towards Delilah were the most powerful responses we've seen from him on the subject that's for sure.

The humor was great, the excuse to have a minute in the judges chambers, very dignified Al but my favorite thing was when somehow Ziggy's first suggestion as to the mission, to play Rhett Butler with the Leapee's wife.
"No! No way! Tell Ziggy to shove that!"
Obviously someone, not sure if it was Al or Ziggy, was being a smart a** and I loved it. LMAO! :rotfl:

My biggest issue with this episode though it's actually not all that big is that the outcome was never read, Al wasn't even there for the entire climax of the leap which was somewhat strange. It's pretty evident that Delilah did alright but we don't find out what happened to Sadie. Lightning McQueenie's putting to question the credibility of her testimony says that we needed that information.

But this is overall a strong and well done episode.
5/5 stars.

Tidbit: This was the first leap Sam had done essentially all on his own, even in the little bit Al was around he hadn't helped much since Ziggy couldn't offer anything for a mission that wasn't in the odds. That was very unique and interesting.

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