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Thanks so much for sharing these great photos with us here on Alís Place. That was truly an amazing find! This is why it always pays to keep looking,you never know what may turn up. I truly wish this show could have had at least one more season and Al could have gone after Sam and brought him home. For many,many years Iíve hoped Donald Bellisario would have done something about that,and produced a TV movie brining Dean and Scott back together one more time for the sake of closure to the series. Unfortunately now,26 years later thatís probably never going to happen due to Dean Stockwells age,and I would never want to see anyone other than Scott or Dean play Sam or Al. I wish I could leap back and change things so this series would have lasted longer than it did. I watched it when it was new and still love it to this day. Thank you again for sharing your find with us all here.
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