08. Pulitzer 1995 (L Elizabeth Storm)

Pulitzer 1995 (L Elizabeth Storm)

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Spoiler Alert! (highlight to read)
Maryland, 1975. Sam has leaped into a psychiatrist at Bethesda Naval Hospital. A newly released POW just off the plane from Vietnam - a Lieutenant John Doe - has been admitted for psychiatric evaluation.
But when Sam walks into Doe's room for the first time, he realizes this soldier has a name to go with his face: Lieutenant Al Calavicci.
Now Sam must think fast, because some unhappy Pentagon officials have questions for Al. Questions about his imprisonment, his captors, and his reported treason against the United States of America.::

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Publishing Information:
Quantum Leap 08: Pulitzer (Quantum Leap)
by L. Elizabeth Storm
Paperback | Berkley | 1995-06-01
ISBN-10: 1572970227 | ISBN-13: 9781572970229
This is the best one of the ten I've read so far. Very moving in a lot of ways. She's a great writer. Well done, interesting story line, good understanding of the characters.
I really enjoyed this one. I really felt for Al when he was reliving his experiences as a P.O.W., I was picturing Dean Stockwell doing "M.I.A.-level" acting...

I also liked how we got some closure about what happened to Donna's father. I wonder why he changed his name?

This novel also did a great job dealing with the events post The Leap Home Part 2, and explained how Al's timeline changed from being repatriated in 1973 originally to 1975 in the revised timeline. I am also glad that they went through the story to make sure that Maggie Dawson was credited with her much-deserved Pulitzer prize.

An awesome novel! :D
This book is still pretty far up on my favorite books - not favorite QL novels - favorite books - because it is that good.

That it was written about Quantum Leap just elevated it even more.

It ties into the series cannon really well, and just had all the elements of a good story, written by an obvious fan of the series who also has a lot of writing and story telling skill.
I repurchased this book last year (because in a prior PCS, in an attempt to stay within our weight allowance, I stupidly got rid of all my *first-run* QL novels along with many other licensed series paperbacks. Yes, I want to smack past me.).

It was even better than I had remembered it being. Such a well-crafted story, and HANDS DOWN the best of all the QL novels!