609 I'll Be Home for Christmas, Part II

I'll Be Home for Christmas, Part II

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Aug 26, 2002
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I'll Be Home for Christmas, Part II
December 18, 1953

Outside New York City, New York

A major snowstorm frustrates Sam in his effort to reach Emma. While en route, he uncovers Trudy Calavicci, Al's sister, trapped in a crashed ambulance. Now, he has two women to save, and time is running out. Meanwhile, Al has been relieved from his Observer position and Senator Weitzman's aide has recommended the Project be shut down. Will Sam be able to save the women in 1953 and the Project in 2000 at the same time?

Written by: A. J. Burfield

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I know that this story has been around a while, but I came to Virtual Seasons fairly late, and I'm just catching up.

I deliberately timed it so that I could read this when it was seasonally appropriate, and it added to the impact of the story.

And what a story!

AJ, it was wonderful!
Poor Sam, poor Al!
The personal stories always have a special appeal, and this one played out brilliantly, without slipping into the dangerous territory of schmultz.

I love the twist with the inspector - and the fact that Ziggy missed it!
Well done indeed.
This was the best episode that I have read up to this point. The ending was quite touching, and it really showed how much Sam does for Al. It was also nice to see how Sam affected the other people, and the good work that they end up doing. Plus, I thought that it was very creative how you tied the leap in with the inspection going on at the project. 5/5!
Just excellent! Brought a tear to my eye. I loved how it was written regarding Al's feelings that the events weren't always as he was experiencing and that he had the feeling of his memories dissolving like a fading dream. Well done on that part.