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Aug 26, 2002
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I would like to put out a poll for all Quantum Leap fans here at Al's Place.

If you could choose from any of the episodes up on Quantum Leap: The Virtual Seasons that you would like to hear in an audio, which would you choose?

You can use any of the stories listed from Season 6 to Season 13.

Come on, guys, I'd like to get some input from you.

Of course you'd be in it, Brian! :) But do you have a particular episode in mind? I mean, I would like to get some feedback from the masses of Quantum Leap fans. I honestly don't want to close this down....
Being completely honest and not in any way biased... I'd love to hear "Valley of Death" performed. And I could see if my mom could audition for Denise, seeing as how that character was based on her.... ;)

Ooo... "I'll Be Home For Christmas I and II"... I'd love to hear those done. I remember when I first discovered the VS; those episodes were amongst the first I read, and I LOVED them dearly.

Oh, and "Hostile Takeover I and II". That was a great one.

Hmmm... funny that I keep choosing two-parters, LOL. To be extremely honest, I really need to go back and re-read the whole VS starting with Season 6, because it's been a LONG time since I last read the first seasons, and I'm actually behind in reading the VS by probably 2-3 seasons. *winces*

Okay, one last suggestion, and it isn't surprising that it's a two-parter that deals with Al: "And Then Came Another I and II".

I would also be interested in collaborating with someone to write a script for a non-VS, non-QuantaDimensional radio play. It'd be based on a story I'd begun for the VS, but just never got around to completely fleshing out.

Actually, I'd have a second story that could be reworked for the radio play instead of finishing it for the VS (since I feel far too behind on the VS to do any writing for it at the very moment).

I volunteer my voice-acting as well, for whatever parts I may fit (in fact, that second story features Georgia from my first VS story, and as that character was based on myself [which I now, rereading it, realize was a Mary Sue], I volunteer to play her!).

Okay, I'm done rambling. I'm off to nurse my two broken toes (yes, I'm serious). :)

:Love to All:
~ Joy ~
Apologizing profusely for the double-post, but I suddenly got a spark from re-reading Brian's request to reprise Al the Bartender...

If someone could collaborate with me on finishing the first part and writing the second and third parts.... Maybe we could produce "The Mirror Shattered"?

I think it'd be awesomely fun to do TMS, even if it's as a seperate entity from the Radio Play (though utilizing any voice actors from the RP who'd be interested).

Just a quick idea I thought I'd throw out. I'd definitely need to collaborate with someone on finishing it as I'm a bit burned out creatively at the moment, but..... man, how I'd love to create The Mirror Shattered in a medium other than just in writing.

:Love To All:
~ Joy ~
The Virtual Seasons episodes I'd like to hear as radio plays are:

Season 7:

Vietnam Revisited (a 2-parter) - It's a tough and angst/anger driven story, but I'd love to hear it as a radio play.

Leapless In New Mexico - I think this would make an amusing little ensemble radio play.

Season 10:

Remember Me - I would love to hear this story as a radio play. I love the twist at the end.

To Say Goodbye - If this were a situation where I could choose only one episode to be turned into a radio play, it would be this one, hands down. It has a special meaning for me, as it absolutely does for Sam.

Season 11:

And Then Darkness Falls - Love it.

Season 12:

Between The Cracks - Drama and angst.

It's A Wonderful Life?

Throwaway Girl - I know this story is based on a sensitive subject but I think if it was handled properly, it would make a powerful radio play.

Crimson Reflection...ak/a "the story that shall not be named" It's a great Al story (*g* I'm risking life and limb here, but what the heck, you only live once, right?) :p

Sanctuary, Parts 1 & 2 - Absolutely! It's another Al-centric story, but it's a fantastic read, especially aloud. I think it would be fabulous as a radio play!


Season 13 (as far as it is at this point):

Don't Touch The Green Chili - This one would be a positive hoot as a radio play! I'm chuckling just thinking about it. :lol

Within These Walls - This one would make a fabulous Halloween episode (as it was this year) for next year. Can't you just picture yourself next Halloween, sitting in a dim or darkened room and listen to this story with all the creaks and squeaks and Pa Baker's smooth, soothing voice? The hair on the back of my neck is already standing up!:hair

I'd like to hear the one where Sam leaps into an Secret Service agent to stop terrorists blowing up a train with Al on in Washington DC and it's like, 2 minutes behind the project- sorry I don't have a clue what the title is. #Shudders#
Sherdran said:
The Virtual Seasons episodes I'd like to hear as radio plays are:

Crimson Reflection...ak/a "the story that shall not be named" It's a great Al story (*g* I'm risking life and limb here, but what the heck, you only live once, right?) :p


Oooooooo.... you are risking life and limb. Ooooooooo.... I so hate that ep. *shudders with the thought of making that one*
Time Travelers Aide Society and Running against time.

Maybe for Christmas time, It's a Wonderful Life?

Someone to Watch Over Me

(Mine could be interesting too. (To Help a Friend, The Great Blue Yonder, and Alcatraz.))
QL Damsel said:
When I was talking with Jennie on YIM, she mentioned just starting at the beginning and working through....

Sounds good to me!

I have a lot of 'favorite' episodes from the VS, but obviously some lend themselves to radio better than others.

The Leapless in New Mexico one would be excellent I think.

(And being biased, I'd rather like to hear "Where the Buck Stops")
This is a tough question... there are many good VS stories, obviously, but which ones would best translate into a radio production?

I read the new Halloween VS episode the other night; I can't help but think that that one would be interesting. It already had the sound clips anyway; imagine how it would sound on the radio!
Hmm...this *is* hard, seeing as I haven't read a lot of TVS stories. I'd like to heard "It's A Wonderful Life?" as well, and I'd love to hear Tom's trilogy too. And (also being biased...everyone else has been :D ) I'd like to maybe, possbily hear my story "Strike Up The Band" after it airs, LOL.

Oh! I know it's not technically TVS, but I'd totally LOVE to hear Jennie's Stardust. It'd be long, but thats an amazing story.

Also, I'd be willing to lend a voice if the needs calls for it! :D

Samantha Beckett
Well, basically, any of the stories that are more dialogue-oriented than action/visual oriented work the best for voicework.

With the use of sound effects, it wouldn't be necessary to use every piece of prose that isn't dialogue as narration, so that makes the narrator's job easier.

I used to listen to a radio drama called Adventures in Odyssey, and they were always pretty good at illustrating action and visuals with small amount of narration (in fact, I don't even remember if they had narration or not).

And of course, there's the whole "character's describe visuals/action in their dialogue" trick, which leads to some cheesy dialogue, but gives the listeners a good idea of what's going on visual/action-wise.

I think every single story in the TVS has potential. So, we certainly have a lot to choose from! LOL

:Love To All:
~ Joy ~
Well, not reading TVS myself (I know... guilty as charged... just don't have the time to get into it........), I really couldn't tell which episode to make into a radio file.

However, I'd be MORE than happy to lend my voice to a character, so if you ever need my help, you know where to find me!

Samantha Beckett said:
Oh! I know it's not technically TVS, but I'd totally LOVE to hear Jennie's Stardust. It'd be long, but thats an amazing story.

Awwwwww, thanks, Claire!
I'm In

I've made a deal with MJ. I'll do a few more radio plays if she helps me find voice talent for my animated series. So as soon as a script is chosen and finalized, she'll send it to me and I'll gladly step into Sam's shoes again.

Hopefully this can happen within the next couple weeks. After the new year, my schedule gets a bit rough again. I'm finally producing a TV series for the web called "The Basement". I'm also producing the animated series "Life of Chance" as well as in pre-production on a no-budget horror flick called "Reel".

Not to mention my two jobs. lol But I'm here for you guys and gals. MJ is our medium. Keep me posted! :)

Be Well,
Samantha Beckett said:
Oh! I know it's not technically TVS, but I'd totally LOVE to hear Jennie's Stardust. It'd be long, but thats an amazing story. Samantha Beckett

I second that one. I think Stardust would be excellent in the radio plays
I'd offer my voice talents if I actually had a decent voice. Unfortunately, I tend to sound sarcastic most of the time (probably because I am), and oddly, when I'm recorded, my voice somehow comes out as high-pitched and whiny, which nobody can figure out. And I couldn't do a high, girly scream to save my life.
I have received word from Ben -- our Albert Calavicci -- from the other radio plays, and he said that he'd play Al again. :hurray: So, now, I need to find Krystal and see if she's still willing to play Ziggy....

Thanks guys and gals for being patient with me.