How about the comics?



Hey, everyone,

Since a new novels forum has been added, is anyone interested in seeing a new forum about the short-lived Innovation comic book series added? It only lasted for 13 issues, but they were all pretty good stories for the most part. I'm not sure how viable this would be since I'm sure the existence of the comics is probably even less known than the novels.

So what do people think?

We could always start a thread in the novels section for people to talk about the comics. I don't have any of them, and have only read a few pages (and don't even remember of which one).

Maybe the novel forum should have a more encompassing title like "Licensed Literature" or something... LOL

Oh thats great!

I can see a reluctance to create too many sub-forums. I been to other sites where they have dozens and none are used.

Comics and novles warrant it though. Its already seemed to spark new discussion. Pl
Cool, Brian! At some point, I'll have to try to comment on these issues. Now I have an excuse to dig out my comic boxes and re-read all of them. :)