Let's Make A Promise


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Jul 11, 2002
Missouri, USA
I am so glad I have you all as friends. I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather hang out with. You guys are kind, sincere, thoughtful, and caring.

I'm kinda afraid, though. See, generally, fans in the Leapdom are very considerate of others' opinions. Every time Leapers get into a discussion concerning the Body Theory Vs. Soul Theory, or interpreting "Mirror Image", or anything else that causes somewhat of a quiet controversy in the fandom, they discuss it calmly, adult-like, and if their viewpoints don't change, they simply agree to disagree.

However, this is not true in many other Sci-Fi fandoms. One fandom in particular--Stargate SG-1--is quite hostile. I ventured into the online Gatedom after having become a fan of the show. I wanted to find other fans to hang out with.

But instead of being greeted by a united, caring family of fans like the Leapers, I was instead introduced into a warring, nasty fandom that has sides being taken, insults flying, and people getting hurt. Arguments flare up every single day, and people have gone off the deep-end. I won't go into the details of how things got started (just check any SG group, board, list, or site, and you'll know).

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I'm afraid that the Leapers could become the same way if something in the new QL movie/series is not quite what we expect. There are already vague sides being taken--those who are saying they'll refuse to watch if Sam and Al aren't in the movie, and those who say they'll give anything a chance since DPB's in charge.

I don't want these undefined sides to become defined. I don't want everyone to forgoe their wonderful friendships because they don't agree on something.

So, I want each and every one of you to reply to this message, to seal the promise that no matter what happens with the new QL, we'll :protest calmly, act like adults, and keep our friendships as alive as ever.

~~ R. Joy Helvie ~~​
Accentuate the Positive
You go my pledge.


No worries here. I pledge to only discuss in a calm manner any dislikes or disagreements that I might have with the movie or series (if they ever happen). I think we're all mature enough to make this pledge and stick to it. That's basically how this board became what it is. We were all on Sci-fi's board and couldn't stand the pettyness and hostility their so HERE we all are.

Re: You go my pledge.

The Rod agrees with Anna.

The only time The Rod got irritated is when it comes to The Trolls.


If QL doesnt pan out the way He wants, well, what would be the point of shouting and screaming about it, and what would be the point of straining friendships over it.

No matter what, The Rod has NOTHING but LOVE for each and evry one of you Hot Rodders & Hot Rodettes(well, perhaps a LITTLE more for the Rodettes)

Friends till the end!
Re: You go my pledge.

good point Joy. (Long Reply folks!! SORRY!!)

In cases like these, I often remind myself of what the original Trekkies (now called Trekkers for some DUMB reason! LOL! :geez ) went through. For over ten years they fought and fought and fought to get Star Trek put back on the map.

Took a while, but it finally happened.

And along came the Next Generation. Man, I still remember most of the original arguements that came out against it!! And for awhile I shared many of those comments, too! The first season of that show just plain SUCKED! :eek LOL! But I stuck with it and checked back in later, and Lo and Behold it improved in the second season. I decided to start recording them.

The first one I recorded was "Unnatural Selection". It was pretty good, but not terrific. But then the second show had the completely amazing episode "A Matter Of Honor", and it just ROCKED!! Riker went on board the Klingon cruiser "P'augh" as First Officer... 'nuff said!! LOL! :hurray

The rest is history! It spawned off a whole COMPLETE concept of Star Trek. A total of four (TNG, DSN, Voy, Ent) series, movies, novels, comics, etc. Some had started before the New Concept, others developed because of it.

ALL based on a fan group that most people thought nuts. That most people dismissed easily.

But you know, because of the huge letter-writing campaign, those easily dismissed beings ALTERED our reality and had the space shuttle renamed as "Enterprise". Those same fans helped create what is known now as syndication (they really put it on the map... before, it was just "oh, THAT stuff!" - a collection of old tv series that died quiet deaths and really never should have been resurrected!). These same fans are the primary core of other Sci-Fi based groups, and are continuing to be an inspiration to how they do fund-raising, collecitn of members, and organizing themselves.

Because of these fans, Cable TV found homes for new channels, such as Sci-Fi, USA Today, and others!! Because there was an instant viewership guaranteed because "those groups" would kill to see these shows again and again, despite the fact that most of them could quote the stuff chapter and verse!!

Then there's the Star Wars guys! OMG!! :trooper

So Joy (sorry for the long, rambling prose), never-fear. There are slight divisions in fan groups. There always will be. Look at the "Battlestar Galactica" groups, and even the "Knightrider" ones too (the Rod and I had a quiet discussion about it not too long ago!). :cheers But it was civilized... and we agreed to not agree on stuff!

But you're right. The thought that the SG-1 groups are acting this way is terrible! :shootem

It's really a black eye :blackeye on all fangroups!!

Matt said it right....

The Rod says that it is usually an individual who causes all hell to break out in these fan groups.

Look at how much Timo the Clown got the leapers and The Rod all riled over at Jamokie.com.

Unfortunately, it ends with people having a pop at the individual, and others defending them, while the jamokies disappear laughing.

As Matt said, he and The Rod had a very civil discussion on Knight Rider a while back.

Why cant everybody else be like the leapers?
Re: Pledge

Leaper1 puts hand on heart and adds her pledge.
Life would be pretty boring if we all thought exactly the same -
I say 'viva la difference' and long live all Leaping friends.
Re: Matt said it right....


You've got my promise kiddo!


Re: Matt said it right....

You have my pledge too.

Let's all keep the Quantum Leap fandom as it should be, just like the original series, help others. And if we do agree to :poke disagree, we should discuss it, just like Sam & Al don't agree on all things :rolleyes they don't revert to :shootem and :blackeye or :realmad

So cheers :cheers to you all. :hurray

BTW: Love all the new smilies :wavey
Re: Matt said it right....

WOW! Well what can I say that hasnt already been said by my fellow fandom Leaping Pals!

I loves ya all! And what ever becomes of QL, youll always hold a special place in my heart because I would have never met you all in the first place if it were for the love of QL, so I will take my hand and :wavey say, :withstupid , LOL.. just kidding..

Love ya all:luvya


PS.. You just got to love the new smilies! :mooner
Re: Matt said it right....

You got my promise! I know what you guys are talking about when it comes to other fan groups... One little comment and :eek :helpme

It's a great group here and great groups like this are hard to come by, especially on the 'Net... Thanks for making this place such a wonderful place to be and let's keep it going! :cheers

You've got my pledge...

Don't worry, Joy, I may joke around a lot here, but I can always be counted on to keep my word to all my friends. :D

I know what Matt means: I used to think the same thing sometimes when it came to the Trekkies (or Trekkers), dressing up at all the conventions, being able to spout the exact production number of a specific episode and even tell you when its original airdate was: that those people seriously needed to get out more.

But I noticed back when I first discovered Quantum Leap in high school, that I was what I would consider to be a "Leap-ee," being so obsessed with the show and genuinely caring about what happened to Sam and Al from week to week. What has brought us all together at Al's Place is the concept behind QL, that Sam puts right what's wrong in the world, and does it so well at that. I think it's sad when fans of Star Trek or Stargate or Battlestar Galactica or whatever have to spend all their time griping and nitpicking at simple little things, which in the long run, probably shouldn't matter anyway. They are, after all, just TV shows. There are more important things in life to worry about, like family and careers and friends.

Like what many of you said, we're not always going to agree. There'd be no fun in this world if we all did, would there? So, I promise that I will never, EVER let a disagreement get in the way of the GREAT friendships that I have made here.

*Dman buys everyone a Rod-beer* Drinks all around, to wonderful friends, may we be together for a long time.

Salut!!! :cheers

Re: You've got my pledge...

Well, all I can say is that nobody likes to feel uncomfortable and I think that's what we all felt like at "jamokie.com." (Credit to The Rod, of course...) Good, bad, or indifferent, whatever the new movie/series of QL is like, we still have the original to talk about and it seems there are so many dimensions to it alone that we'll never run out of fodder for the mill ;)

Speaking of Trekers, have you been to the message board over at startrek.com? They're pretty vicious over there too and not much quality converstation takes place about Star Trek, except those few who are hypercritical of the Enterprise Theme song, or the ship itself not being up to specs cannon wise. It gets old pretty fast.

I think what Joy is saying is that we have a terrific community here and I totally agree. Nothing will change that, no matter what they do to QL.

Re: What more is there to say????

Yeah, what she said! Ditto on my part. :)

Re: What more is there to say????

:wavey tho i don't get much of a chance to post, i have found reading the posts and fanfic very pleasant. i agree with the posts above that this being one of the...no wait, THE BEST ql message board, and i think the friendly, calm and non-offensive nature of all the posts here at al's place make it all the welcoming (and all that much easier to let time fly by un-noticed...lol).

AL'S PLACE.. the place for good QL company :cheers to have good laughs :roflmao

i hope that it continues to be that way. :hurray


Karen, EBD to Helen..lol :lol
aka Pael Mutnauq
Re: Hear, hear

:angel Hi there!

I am new here and I will promise too. I like a place to discusse without getting rude. Excuse my English, it is not my first language. :wavey
Re: Hear, hear

Welcome SamyJo

Engish isn't my first language either, but I'm very fluent in gibberish and gobbledigook. :rollin

Have a good time on the boards and maybe take a visit to "The Leap Continues... RPG" (URL below). It's getting pretty exciting, but I must warn you, it's getting a bit :censored too.

Great writing fom all of you, and many thanks for making it soooooo good. :hurray
Re: Hear, hear

Hello from me too, SamyJo. :wavey

I'm Damon, aka The Dman, not to be confused with The Rod-man! :sup

While you're perusing this wonderful site of Brian's, be sure to also check out MJ's QL: The Virtual Seasons and Aurora's Quanta-Dimensional Leap Radio Play, if you haven't done so already. A lot of great stuff is being done over at those places. :D

Welcome, and come back often! :hurray

:cheers Have a Rod-beer, it's on the house! :lol
Re: Hear, hear

Greetings SamyJo! Hope you enjoy your time here... It's a great place to be, with a lot of wonderful people and interesting stuff going on all the time!:hurray

:cheers Welcome to the board! Cheers!

Re: Hear, hear

welcome from me too SamyJo.
Where are you from?
And guys, mebbe we should know if SJ is over 18 before we subject her to the rpg! lol
we dont want to be accused of corrupting minors, now do we?
Seriously, hope you will have as much fun here as I do, and welcome again.
Here's to the pledge!

Great topic, Joy. I've always made the same observation about leapers. We all seem to be intelligent, pleasant people who respect each other and the opinions therein. I've been doing QL stuff on the Internet for nearly four years now... hard to believe... and the handfull of "bad apples" are usually those who aren't true fans of the show to begin with.

I promise to always respect you guys. I wouldn't expect any less from such a great group of people.

... Mike. ^_^

Re: Hear, hear

Hi, Joy

Think I'm doing this right, well I'll soon find out. Thanks for all your help.:cheers .

I haven't got a lot of time at the moment so I'll try and do an actual post later.

And I am in total agreement with everyone being friendly and polite to each other. You have to remember that it is still a person you are replying to even if you can't actually see them.
Feeling can still get hurt.

Hope to 'speak' to you soon.