Ql22 Renewed For Season 2!!!

It is exciting news, especially given the many clickbait gossip rag sites that had been forecasting the opposite. I’m still holding out hope for my personal wishes. Ha ha
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It would have been strangely anti climatic if it didn't get renewed, its a moderate success and stranger things have happened ;)

I'd like to think its all building up to the inevitable (we all know what lol ) bit this is great news :cheers
I have a feeling that Ben will leap home after he completes his mission in the final episode of Season 1, and then we find that he has to leap again because Magic promised the senator that they'd save her brother...
Fantastic news!

Glad this did not turn out like Knight Rider revival in 2008. Only got a TV movie and 17 episodes on NBC. Never huge fan of original show but revival was mishandled. David Hasselhoff had brief cameo in the TV movie as new characters father and was barely mentioned again. Was more a spy show than what original show was. It was failing in ratings and producers tried to move it back to closer to original premise late in the season and talk of bringing back older characters.... too late. NBC cancelled the show and did not even get to produce full season.

In long run I think it was for best that Scott turned down first offer. So
New characters could find their identity. I have hope that it’s success will lead to better story for Sam he will take it. It would have been awful if he took a small Pilot cameo and that is all anyone talked about. I do not think it would have served new cast or Scott well and it would not be as successful.

EDIT to add -

Sequels to classic tv series are far from a guarantee to success. Last year HBO Max debuted a new version of Head of the Class. Robin Givens who was in the original reprised her character as mother of one of the new kids. It was quickly cancelled after its short 10 episode season debuted. Punky Brewster staring Soleil Moon Frye again as adult Punky got one season only on Peacock.

We are very fortunate that QL is a full NBC prime Time series again. With the visibility and marketing that comes with it. Being only streaming both of those revivals barely were noticed. Being on BOTH NBC and Peacock is a huge advantage. It gets the NBC marketing but also has an alternate source for watching episodes on Peacock too.
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Over the course of a day I just rewatched the first 8 episodes again. It was definitely worth it. The first episode is much stronger now knowing the characters better. That Ben leaped for Addison was known by the writers from the beginning. There are subtle hints that are much clear now. That he did not want to lose her like her lost his mother.

The real question how did Ben learn Addison had to be saved? If Janis is to be believed Ben came to her. Makes me wonder if Ben had knowledge of Leaper X. That he tried interfering with the new Project during its research years before 2022.