Some Art

Cool :D.

Well starting, here's a couple.


It's gotten a number of nice comments ...yes I know it's a hand turkey but the idea to draw it came from a dare from a friend online.


And this one no has really commented on. I've been messing with making 3D drawings for years and this is the first good computer one I think I've done.
:D Thanks for the feed back! :D

Here's a couple more.


Some explainning, has any one here ever gone to a Hard Rock Cafe? Took a photo of my banjo and tried to turn the image into looking like one of the stain glass windows you might see in one of them.


Only large art project I did while homless. Made it at the last Mission I stayed at. Frist time I've ever made a muppet.
Thanks :D. Remember the thread I posted a while back titled 'Software Recommendations', well the software I'm using is named PaintStar. It's a freebie and how you do the 3D effect is using a brush named a filter brush and with that using a feature titled or close to this 'color distort'.

In distorting red which is what I always do, you can move or click a bar on it being in the plus or negative for moving the color. It should be noted this also moves blue from a black line as well or any other color it encounters. The more into the negative you go the more the drawing stands out. Example with the picture posted here. The bigger parts of the drawing were done in minus -5 down to -2 then in the real back ground with the small drawings it went 5 to 2 then returned to being minus with the bigger drawings.

I've done one other drawing so far using this idea but it won't blend well here, different TV show.

Here's where you can download PaintStar:

I'm reminded of a fish in your most recent one. It's almost like it's swimming across the ocean floor.
I can see where it looks like an owl now. :eek:

I agree with Chicken Boo, it does sort of look like a cross between an owl and a peacock.