Virtual Seasons Board?! Yippee!!!!

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DBS Producer Aurora

*throws flowers and cofetti around* Wowee!! Now I can catch up on all the episodes I missed!!! *does the very happy Aurora dance* Yay!!!!!

*falls on her face* Owie...

Great job everyone!!

*watches as the confetti and flowers falls to the floor and shakes her head as she goes to the closet to get out the broom and mutters* "Gees, Aurora, I can understand the happy dance, but I gotta clean the place up!"

*sweeps it to the garbage bin* :)

Okay... all better now for everyone else.

*hopes no one else throws confetti*
I'm here!
I promise to do my homework and catch up on all the reading as soon as I can, please be patient with me.
Great to see you guys here.
I'm about to send an email to all of the people of that group to let them know that the Xsorbit message is going to be deleted and that the new messageboard will be here. So, I hope that they do go here. :)

Glad that you are aboard...

And for the record... go ahead and rate your own honey. I know that eventually, I'll rate my own!
Hey, guys and gals, I'm here!

Great board, MJ! (Kudos to you too, Brian! :D ) Ooo, I like all the pretty posticon icons at the top.

I'm a late bloomer to these stories, but I'm gettin there. Got two more to read until I'm done with Season 6. MJ and AJ, keep up the good work!

WOW! What a really neat place, now I know that I have a hell'uva lot'a catching up to do with VS :blahblah , I'm only upto Vietnam part 2 :angel

Oh well, I'll have to cut my sleeping time down from 2 hours per day to just the one.

Great to be here, but where's my better half of the (shhhhh daren't speak to loudly) Matt & Sue Show :rolleyes
*pouts a little* No like my happy dance? *sigh* Oh well...

*goes off to read some more* I'm still happy this is here!

I do happy dances all the time!!
:D Great Board MJ! (You to Brian) read all your stories
:bigsmile I have started rated them it is just great,I can rate
them both you and AJ keep up the great work.