What episode got you hooked on QL?


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Jan 20, 2011
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I don't know if this has already been a topic, but I was wondering what episode got all of you other fans hooked on this show? For me it was "All Americans" a few years back. It was actually the first episode I ever saw because I had never heard of the show and I was two when the original run ended.
For me it was Pool Hall Blues. I just caught the end of the "next week's episode" teaser, and I was intrigued and, as they say, the rest is history.

For me it was all the episodes and the chemestry between Scott and Dean.
They were so special in the way they said each line and talked to each other.
^ Their chemistry is also one of my favorite things about Quantum Leap. It's definitely one of the highlights of the show. They just look so natural together that it's very easy to believe that these two guys, the characters, are good old friends. I especially like the "Al leers at girls / Sam gives him dirty look" routine. That always makes me have a good laugh.
I started watching from series 1, I enjoyed the first few, but it was 'How the tess was won' that made me keep wanting to watch, the little twist at the end with 'piggy sue' had me in hysterics, and 'oh boy' did I need a good laugh at that time in my life! :D
Me too..I started with the first episode and was hooked from there on...I watched the series until the last and was devastated when it ended....
The first episode that had a huge impact on me was "The Color of Truth." It was, and still is, a phenomenal example of how this show could tackle an important issue in an entertaining way.

I will always think of Quantum Leap fondly. It is easily one of the best TV shows ever.

Leap On,
My first episode was "Honeymoon Express." It felt like watching a movie, with the high quality cinematics and the acting and the story line. I like that it was sort of a recap of what is going on in the show, so that newcomers can catch up and follow along with the premise.
I remember when I was younger I saw Future Boy in season 3 and was hooked on the old man trying to replicate Sams existing theory but then inspired by the spring analogy. After that I was mesmerised by the electric tingling leaping effect. I remember channel hopping across QL before the episode future boy but was not interested in sitting down to watch the full 45 min episode.
I will say "Pool Hall Blues." I remember my dad watching that episode and him explaining the handlink to me. I had no clue what was going on but my dad was cool in the regard that we could enjoy many sci fi-themed shows as I was a kid. It was a big deal back then, as being a so-called nerd back then was nearly a death sentence :b.
Evil Leaper

My favorite Quantum Leap Episode was the Evil Leaper. To this day, I'm still confused about the true identity of the Evil Leaper. Was the evil leaper from the same timeline as Sam working for a private anti-government organization, was she from an alternate universe, or was she from a different dimension? Also, are the new episodes of Quantum Leap connected to the Evil Leaper episodes?
I didn't start watching until it was being re-run on Space in the late 1990s, and I'm pretty sure "Star-Crossed" was the first episode I saw. Having Teri Hatcher in the episode sure helped the enjoyment for teenage me! ;)

But really, I caught the magic of the show right from that episode onward. As one of the other posters mentioned, "Genesis" set the spirit for the show that carried through to the end of season four, and through most of season five.
"Miss Deep South" rerun in 1998 was the ep that got me interested.

Three days of reruns in Dec 1999 - "Rebel Without A Clue"; "A Little Miracle"; "Runaway" - are what got me interested enough to read the novels my mom owned.

"Pulitzer" is honestly what fully hooked me on QL.
I discovered the show basically by accident at about 12 I think when I came across the episode Heart Of A Champion which caught my eye as a wrestling fan. The premise and Sam/Al chemistry got me interested enough to watch the following week too, then the third week was the amazing Shock Theatre and the rest is history �� QL has now long been one of my all time favourite TV shows and I believe always will be.
Gosh, I can’t remember anymore. I want to say it possibly was CAMIKAZI KID. I was in college and it was late ‘92 / early ‘93. (I only know that for certain because I remember which dorm I was living in at the time.) I don’t recall seeing many episodes “new” on NBC, but I found it on USA and watched it religiously. I remember not thinking “hey I should record this and bring it back to college with me to watch on my VCR” until it was about time to return to college and so I saw GHOST SHIP far more times than most as that was the only ep I had recorded. (I rectified that issue on subsequent breaks.) Found rast-ql on Usenet my senior year, and well…there you go. :)
I remember seeing the *promos* for this new show comming out called Quantum Leap. It was time travel - I *love* time travel.

I remember seeing the first ep and it felt a bit "The right stuff"/"Top Gun" and I was a kid so the whole pregnancy subplot was not top of my list but I knew I wanted to keep watching then and there- I didn't love every ep but the show just got better and better. I loved that it was a show that had intelligent charactors trying to make the world a better place and fighting for the underdogs and the "impossible dream".

So really hard to choose an ep that completely hooked me because I was going to give it a fighting chance to hook me - from the promos alone.

Sure there were flaws and episodes that were obviously inspired by popular movies of the time but it's just such a good show that has stood the test of time.