Admiral Al Calavicci

Well, when I met him in 2001, he was amazingly kind and down to earth. That was over 10 years ago, and I still remember every day of that weekend vividly.

:hurray:Great to know! BTW:If this is the same tina als girl then I remember talking with you on here! I was here around 10 years ago posting under the name Beckett Babe! Hello again!:wavey
Hello! Yep, it's the same "tina_als_girl". If you seen any variation on that username (tinaalsgirl, tinaalsgirl5, etc etc), it's probably me.

I was 16 when I met Dean, and all these years later, it is still the highlight of my adolescence.
Hello! Yep, it's the same "tina_als_girl". If you seen any variation on that username (tinaalsgirl, tinaalsgirl5, etc etc), it's probably me.

I was 16 when I met Dean, and all these years later, it is still the highlight of my adolescence.

:hurray:Lucky girl you! He was here in Dallas back in 2009 but didn't know until it was too late! I've always wanted to meet him!
I actually didn't like Al when I first watched QL. (Can you believe it?) ... Yep, his attitude about women really rubbed me the wrong way. ... Altogether it took about 2 weeks for Dean Stockwell to charm my socks off. Al has so many sides that he seems like a real person to me. He still has a dark side. But he's amazing.

I had a similar experience. I watched the episodes in order (on hulu) starting at the beggining, and when Al first showed up in the pilot I did not like him at all. He just struck me as a selfish, perverted, rich guy type (the car and way he was dressed gave me this third impression) who only cared about himself and always had an ulterior motive. In fact, my first impression of him was so bad that when he told Gooshie that interfering with Sam leaping would kill him, what I thought was, yeah, I bet you don't actually care about this Sam guy, I bet you just don't want to have to fill out the paperwork.

:eek: Boy, was I ever wrong. Even by the end of the first episode I knew I'd been dead wrong about that.

Over the course of the rest of the season and some of the next he slowly but surely began to win me over, initially against my will. At first, I couldn't for the life of me understand why I even liked the guy, let alone spent every episode wishing he'd hurry up and show up and feeling dissapointed when he left. I kept telling myself Sam should be my favourite character. Sam's the nice, sweet, sensitive one, I said to myself. Sam's the respectful one. Sam's the young, classically handsome one. I normally hate guys like Al, so why do I love this character so much?

I think I've pretty much figured it out now. Al's the more compelling character (to me), because he's more complex; you don't have to dig as much with Sam, so it's not as powerful when he acts sweet and caring, but with Al the contrast makes it all the more poignant. Al's a perverted, womanizing creep, there's no way around that, but underneath all that he's also a guy who really does care about people, women included, and no matter how much he mistreats them, I don't think he really means to or wants to hurt them.

I think the other reason Al quickly became my favourite character over Sam is that he's so wierd and quirky, whereas Sam's more normal (despite being a super genius and uncommonly selfless). Oddballs generally appeal to me more than characters who are designed so that everybody can relate to them. I think that's also why my feelings about Al are so different from my feelings about most sex-obsessed, womanizing, inuendo-happy characters. Most of them are suave, stuck-up, alpha-male types, whereas Al was always this weird little guy with a crazy, eccentric taste in clothing.
All right....far too silent here again....

Let's open the floor for discussion. I'll stay fairly superficial this time since I required such deep delving on the last question.

Outfits....which of Al's outfits (BESIDES the dress whites) is your favorite?

For me....if I had to choose one and only one....I think it would be the turqoise jacket with the dark slacks he wore in Play Ball. (that's today's choice, anyway) <g>

Al's clothes were always the wildest! I really liked the silver "baked potato" jacket outfit Al wore in "The Camikazi Kid". I also loved the bright red suit and hat he wore ocassionally. He really had style!
re-watched some of the 1st season today and couldnt help but giggle at a scene where al's sleep talking in "the right hand of god"

Al: Denise?... Denise get in the closet!! get - Oh no there's no other girl here Tina. I swear! Oh no Tina... Tina... Oh.. hi kid
Sam: You know people in monogomous relationships dont wake up with guilty conciences
Al: No they dont have any fun either

couldnt stop laughing at that one!

Lol! Yeah,Al had some of the funniest lines. Sam & Al played so well off each other's differences. It was a riot to see Sam leap into Al's body and start picking up his habits in "the leap back".
Sam-"They didn't have artificial sweeteners in 1945,but boy did they have women with big kazooms!"
Okay, it doesn't look like the Al thread is coming back :sniff sniff: so I thought I'd create a placeholder for it.

I don't even remember what aspect of his character we'd been discussing last time, so I'll put this question out there:

What about Al (either as seen in the episodes in action during a Leap or aspects of his backstory as revealed during a Leap) do you find the most poignant?

I'll post later with my response.
The episode "M.I.A.", Season 2, Episode 22. I cry with Al every time I see the end