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Welcome to the Starbright Project!

We are looking for writers, artists, and creative minds to help shape this new fan fiction series! Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about this series.

When does this series take place?

Between 1984 and 1990. This series starts eleven years before Sam took his first leap in 1995 or six years before he started Project Quantum Leap in the summer of 1990. See the premise for more information.

Where does Sam leap in this series?

Sam will NOT leap in this series due to the fact that at the time of our story, there is no Project Quantum Leap. However, that doesn't mean that the Evil Leapers won't be able to make an appearance. New permanent characters in this series can be introduced if approved by the editors in advance.

No leaping? Then what is this about? Where do I start?

The purpose of the Starbright Project is to develop an interstellar drive - a space craft - which will travel at the speed of light to enable it's occupants to explore deep into space beyond our own solar system. See the premise for more information.

The "mythology" type of episodes, which refer to circumstances that will shape the future of Quantum Leap, will be scattered throughout the series, but stand-alone episodes can be about anything you want them to be! For example, you could have Sam and Al (or other characters) travel to another state or country to collect samples of something for the project and along the way they meet someone in trouble or in need and then are faced with how to resolve that conflict.

We don't want all the stories to be about how Sam and Donna fall in love or how Quantum Leap will be developed to become the project in the future. That can get really boring, really fast. Think of each episode of the SBP as a leap, but Sam is himself and must resolve a conflict by the end of the episode.

Also, this series is not all from Sam's perspective! You may use any or all of the characters to drive the story. Sam doesn't even have to be in your story... Check the Reference pages for details of the episodes already shown.

Do I have to incorporate all the characters you have listed into my story?

No. You may incorporate any, all, or none of the additional characters into your story.

Can I include a storyline involving changes from a leap during the original series?

No. Stories must be written pre-Quantum Leap. (For example: Al is not married to Beth. Sam's brother Tom did die in Vietnam. Donna will not show up for her and Sam's wedding. Alia is still an evil leaper. Etc...) We want these stories to occur before any changes to the characters' lives are made through Sam's eventual Quantum Leaping. However, you may use the "fate factor" in some instances. This means that small changes which Sam will eventually make when Quantum Leaping can occasionally be used in your stories. One example is the character of Dana Barrenger-LoNigro in this series. She never met Professor LoNigro before the episode "Her Charm," but in this series, she has met him and marries him just as if Sam did leap. If in doubt, ask the editors.

How often are episodes aired?

Beginning in the fall of 2004, we would like to air one story per month. We need 6 stand-alone episodes and 3 mythology episodes. Hiatus will be during June, July, and August. However, if more stories are submitted than needed, we may go ahead and air them anyway.

Can I kill one of the characters in my story?

If the character is one you invented just for your own story, then yes. If it is one of the characters in our series lineup, no. This series allows you to write an episode during any of the seven years between 1984 and 1990. If you kill off a character in 1986 but someone else has already written a story featuring that character in 1987, then the timeline doesn't work. It is best to refer to the Reference pages and Character outlines before beginning a story to ensure you don't come across this problem.

Can I write a story taking place before 1984?

In a way, yes. Our series takes place between 1984 and 1990, but you could incorporate a flashback type of story taking our characters back even further. So, you would need to start the story within the present time at the SBP but then have the character(s) "remember" something that happened years ago and begin your pre-SBP story there. The end of the story would have to bring us back to the present.

Can I write a story taking place after 1990?

No. According to QL canon, Sam begins to create project Quantum Leap in the Summer of 1990. Accordingly, stories taking place after May 31st, 1990 will not be accepted.

I have another question. Who should I ask?

Send all other questions to starbrightproject@quantumleap-alsplace.com!

We hope this will be an exciting and enjoyable new avenue in which to take the characters of Quantum Leap. After all, this is Al's Place...Where it all started!