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Premise for the Starbright Project

* Published facts




In January of 1981, a UFO landing was witnessed by a farmer in Trans-en-Provence, France. The incident was investigated by the Groupe d'Etudes des Phénomènes Aérospatiaux Non-identifiés (GEPAN) and later handed over to the National Center for Space Studies (CNES) in Toulouse, the French counterpart of NASA.*

The group concluded from evidence found in traces of soil and wild alfalfa that the rapid aging of these samples was caused by an electromagnetic source of unknown origin. It was hypothesized that an interstellar ship landing there may have been propelled by electromagnetic energy, thus resulting in a time / space effect on the surrounding plant life.*

Now, three years later, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been given direction by President Reagan to develop a permanently manned space station within the decade.* Unknown to the President, deep within the basements of the U.S. government, a secret coalition has already been working for one full year to develop and build a deep space probe - referred to by project personnel as an interstellar drive - that will take us into the far reaches of space - and time.

The project resides below the New Mexico desert at White Sands Test Center (see map here) in a series of underground caverns and tunnels disguised at ground level by four seemingly abandoned warehouses. It's codename: The Starbright Project (SBP).

Under the leadership of experienced astronauts General Thomas Collins, Captain Albert Calavicci, and Commander Jonathan Bartlett, specialized members of the U.S. military work day and night to achieve the project's goals. With them are an elite team of civilian scientists and computer engineers who contain the project's objectives within an underground cavern laboratory located in the New Mexico desert.

Noting the slow progress of this organization over the last year, the government has inserted CIA Agent Ross Adams into the project to oversee and report on it's agenda. His mission is to push Starbright's personnel forward more rapidly - bringing in the most talented individuals... and purging the old.

At the suggestion of SBP quantum physicist Dr. Sebastian LoNigro, Agent Adams has brought in an award winning scientist who has been hailed as a proven genius and who also holds a degree in quantum physics. His name is Dr. Samuel Beckett.

The story begins...

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