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  • Jennifer L. Rowland has authored our sixth episode titled:"Chiefest of Sinners: Part I - The Cords of Sin." Weitzman sends a tour group to the project; in its midst, one Chief Petty Officer Shannon MacLean, nearly eight months pregnant. As if the tour group alone isn’t disrupting things at the project, MacLean accuses Al of fathering her child during a drunken weekend in Las Vegas. Is it the truth? Find out in the first part of this four-episode saga which brings back some familiar faces from the television series!


  • The Starbright Project began it's first season with the rebroadcast of "Origins" (the pilot episode) by Brian Greene!

2003 Events

  • The Starbright Project fan-fiction prequel series was opened at Al's Place on April 7th, 2003. Two episodes aired during July and August 2003. When no other stories were submitted, the series went on hiatus until further notice.