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General Thomas Collins, USAF
Project Director



Captain Albert Calavicci, USN
Project 1st Assistant Director



Commander Jonathan (Johnny) Bartlett, USN
Project 2nd Assistant Director



Colonel Jack Weitzman, U.S. Army Intelligence
Head of Project Oversight Committee



Brigadier General Jim McKay, USAF
Liaison to NASA



Lieutenant Maxwell (Max) Tyler, USMC
Project Security Director



First Lieutanant Julie (Ash) Ashcroft, USAF
Pilot and Aircraft Engineer



Dr. Sebastian (Bobby) LoNigro
Quantum Physicist



Dr. Samuel Beckett
Quantum Physicist



Dr. Donna Elesee
Quantum Physicist



Dr. Tina Martinez-O'Farrell
Computer Architect



Dr. Irving (Gooshie) Gushman
Computer Programmer



Dr. Verbena Beeks



Mrs. Dana Barrenger-LoNigro
Project Attorney



Agent Ross Adams, C.I.A
Government Operative

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