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The Leap Back 2009 Quantum Leap Convention
Los Angeles, California  |  March 27-29, 2009

$41,716.90 raised for
Starlight Children's Foundation


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51 special guests and stars attended the convention including SCOTT BAKULA!


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Beverly Garland Holiday Inn
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Our Charity

$41,716.90 raised for Starlight Children's Foundation™

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$11,829 raised for Starlight Children's Foundation™

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Dear Leapers,

The Starlight Children's Foundation wishes to thank those of you who have purchased the 4-disc DVD set of The Leap Back 2009 20th Anniversary Quantum Leap Convention.

Your support has enabled us to continue to help seriously ill children and their families cope with their pain, fear and isolation through entertainment, education and family activities.

We remain grateful for being the chosen charity of The Leap Back 2009 Convention and we hope to continue the wonderful relationship we have had in the past with the Quantum Leap fans.

Patricia Sterne Evans
Vice President, Development
Starlight Children's Foundation


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We hope you enjoyed your stay during the convention weekend at our on-site hotel, Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn.

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             Scott Bakula
                 Dr. Sam Beckett

Donald P. Bellisario

          Series Creator

Erika Amato

Vaughn Armstrong

Cynthia Bain

Julie Barrett

Mike Beche

Velton Ray Bunch

K Callan

Claudia Christian

Lydia Cornell

John D'Aquino

Christopher DeFilippis

Michael DeMeritt

Diamond Farnsworth

Holly Fields

Ken Foree

Michael Gregory

Susan Griffiths

Ron Grow

James Harper

Richard Herd

Susan Isaacs

Chas. Floyd Johnson

T'Keyah Crystal Keymah

Rob LaBelle

Jarrett Lennon

Donna Magnani

Harriet Margulies

DeLane Matthews

Marjorie Monaghan

Joe Napolitano

David Newsom

Natasha Pavlovich

Lisa Jane Persky

Mindy Peterman

Deborah Pratt

Chris Ruppenthal

Jay D. Schwartz

Carolyn Seymour

Jane Sibbett
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Brad Silverman

C. Winston Taylor

Liz Torres

Jim Townsend

Fabiana Udenio

Rich Whiteside


And via telephone:

Dean Stockwell

Admiral Al Calavicci


Read messages from Stuart Fratkin
& Beverly Leech here!

4/16/09   A message from Scott Bakula:
To everyone involved in "The  Leap Back" convention,
     Thank you all for your hard work (producers, staff and volunteers!) and thanks to everyone who bought tickets and memorabilia and participated in the event! The programs and interviews and artwork were very well done and classy! A special thank you to all the Q.L. guest stars and to the old Q.L. team who gave so generously of their time! I will treasure the beautiful glass commemorative "award", while  acknowledging that EVERYONE involved with the convention had a hand in making Sam a "Timeless Character"!
     And a very special nod to my friend and publicist of many, many years, Jay Schwartz, who not only won the trivia contest, but I think at times loves the show more than all of us! He worked tirelessly behind the scenes (and in front!) to help make the weekend a success!
     Good luck and good health to you all, and again..... Thanks for the Memories!!!


12/22/09   A message from Brian Greene, CEO of The Leap Back 2009, Inc.:
Hello Leapers! It’s been a pleasure serving you and celebrating with you as the President and CEO of The Leap Back 2009, Inc. As of January 1st, 2010, the corporation will be closed and I’ll go back to being “Al’s Place Bartender” but it’s been a great experience for me overall and I thank you for all your support over these past few years from the first day we opened in July of 2006 up until now. I look forward to being with you as we continue to celebrate Quantum Leap and our wonderful fandom. Please enjoy the DVD of the convention and thank you again for the memories we’ve had, and in advance for the continued enjoyment of this amazing program that we’ll have in the future. I’ll see you over at Al’s Place soon I hope!

Brian Greene
President and CEO of The Leap Back 2009, Inc. and always… Al’s Place Bartender

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The Leap Back 2009, Inc. 2006-2009 has been closed as of December 31st, 2009. This website remains as an archive of the convention and as an informational venue maintained by Al's Place Quantum Leap Fansite.

Thank you to all the fans who made this convention such a huge success both for the Quantum Leap fandom and for the Starlight Children's Foundation! You helped raise over $41,000 for children with serious illnesses, truly helping to put right what once went wrong. Thank you from all of us at The Leap Back 2009!

The Leap Back 2009, Inc. was founded as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, which organized a convention dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of Quantum Leap which by doing so, benefited the Starlight Children's Foundation. No copyright infringement was intended. All guests agreed to participate pending any unforeseen commitments. Use of this site and/or your purchase of a ticket to The Leap Back 2009 Quantum Leap convention signified acceptance of our policies as outlined HERE. "Quantum Leap" logo courtesy Universal Studios Licensing LLLP.


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